Beautiful, simple, and totally customizable product sliders and carousels for your WooCommerce shop. Add product carousels anywhere you use the Divi builder and customize every element with the drag-and-drop editor.

Pre-built Designs, Unlimited Possibilities

Create your own custom product carousel layout or choose your favorite demo design below, download, and use it as your own. Import any of the professionally created designs to your Divi Library and use them for free on your website!

Divi Builder


Demo Carousel #1

Plays automatically, 3 column, color overlay on hover, simple icon controls, understated design

Download Here

Demo Carousel 2

5 column slider, rounded design, details bellow, icon navigation, hover overlay over product image, faded price for sales

Download Here

Coffee product demo #3

(simply stunning)

Plays automatically, customized sale badges, order now buttons, overlay on hover, arrow navigation, price bellow

Download Here

Single Product Slider Demo #4

Show one product at a time, highlight sales, navigation icons over product image, price below, color overlay on hover

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Designer Demo Carousel #5

Ad space, 2 column slider, paginate and understated icon navigation, custom add to cart buttons, customized sale buttons




Description below, drop-shadow product tags, icon navigation, custom sales tag, rounded product image

Download Here

DIVI & WOOCOMMERCE carousel demo #7

2 column, appointment CTA button, product description below, paginate navigation, big product images

Download Here

Divi Ecommerce Pro Demo Carousel #8

Built for Divi Ecommerce Pro, custom sales badge positioning, paginate and icon navigation, drop-shadow product cards, hover overlay, 5-star ratings

Download Here

Divi WooCommerce Store

Inspiered by Divi WooCommerce store child theme, countdown timer, automated slider, simple navigation, product description below

Download Here








More Than a Hundred Feature Controls

Put the Divi Carousel module in place, select your product elements, and customize. Product Carousel for WooCommerce has more than 100 configuration controls for creating the perfect product slider for every page.

elements & display order

 Customize every product element including titles, images, ratings, price, and buttons.

Dynamic product sorting

Set what products display based on publish date, category, rating, price, availability, and more.

Multiple Navigation Options

Configure your product carousel to rotate automatically, on click or with paginate controls.

Divi integrated

Divi Product Carousel includes default Divi theme controls plus all bunch of expanded module settings

Built-in Badges & Ratings

Sell more with customizable sales badges and product star-rating icons

Easy style controls

Drag-and-drop positioning and simple settings for space, size, and padding around each item.

Extremely Customizable

Create responsive product carousels for your Divi Sites in minutes and customize every element to match your websites look and feel.

Drag-and-Drop Elements

Add, hide, change and reposition every element of your product. Customize titles, images, ratings, price, and CTA buttons.

Dynamic Product Sorting

Set what products show in each slider. Pull items in based on when it was published, category, rating, price and many other options 

Responsive Settings

Looks great on every device. Set how many columns to display, choose the center point and how many products to include. 

Enable Autoplay

Set your slider to automatically scroll through your products and give any page an eye-catching animated element to help increase sales.

Try Product Carousel for Divi Risk-Free

You’re gonna ❤️ Divi Product Carousel. And If you’re not happy, get your money back with out 14-day money-back guarantee.